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DEI Workshops

EMG's DEI Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of each individual agency. Over the course of two hours, audiences will be able to gain understanding of the case for embracing diversity and inclusion and foundational DEI information and language. We offer opportunities to examine tension around subjects often considered taboo in the workplace – race, equity, politics – and why navigating them is so important. Begin dialogue and bring voice to the increased awareness and impact of racial inequity for employees - both personally and professionally.

EMG also works with leaders of organizations to understand foundational knowledge of DEI in the workplace leverage strategies to maximize staff engagement and business processes through the lens of inclusion. Workshops can be curated for any size organization, small or large. 

Some of the workshops offered: 

Introductory Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Exploring Unconscious Bias/Uncovering Our Bias

Courageous Conversations on Race

Inclusive Leadership 

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