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EMG professionals offer several types of consulting opportunities to support organizations.


DEI Strategic Engagement Consulting

This phased deep-dive approach addresses organizations’ varied D&I needs and culminates in a report with recommendations for the organization's future DEI actions.


From due diligence, data collection, education and training, through execution, EMG will engage with the organization as a strategic partner to:

  • Examine the current state.

  • Identify opportunities.

  • Benchmark peers and model organizations.

  • Provide training where new information is necessary.

  • Leverage best practices modified to match the organization’s climate and culture. 

These extensive projects begin at 3 months in length. While execution of the recommendations is out of scope of the engagement, EMG may be contracted to support the execution at an additional cost.

Consultants On Demand (CDO) 

EMG Professionals are available to advise companies on a retained basis. Law firms, insurers, education organizations, non-profits, professional alliances, and many others find EMG’s counsel invaluable.

  • Human resources (policies, handbooks, practices, etc.)

  • Communications

  • DEI strategy

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Recruitment

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